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This playful range of lamps is named after the fact that the design is derived from the outline of a citrus fruit peel. Designed by Adam Hoets in 2018. These are available in one or two tiers and are made from satin polished stainless steel frames from which metal ball chains hang elegantly using Willowlamp’s patented notch system. Tailor your pendant by total drop and finishes. This light looks spectacular in our range of metallic ball chains such as silver chrome, smoke gunmetal, brass, copper, and rust. When selecting the rust metallic, the oxidised chains are lacquered and all design components use a rust finish, resulting in a wood-type aesthetic. Our colour ball chains include black, white, and red. Other colours can be quoted on request. It is illuminated by a single G9 Halogen or 3W LED lamp within a Pyrex glass ball, which can be glazed or clear.

Available Models:

1 Tier Suspended 500
Shade size: 500w x 600h mm / Total height: 950mm
2 Tier Suspended 500
Shade size: 500w x 1600h mm / Total height: 1950mm