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  • Faraway Tree Chandelier by willowlamp

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  • willowlamp Spiral Tree Chandelier


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  • willowlamp mandala chandelier

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    We Work Alongside The Globes

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  • Bespoke Lighting Project

    24th August 2023

    We are thrilled to bring you news of our latest bespoke lighting project.  
    As a South African company led by founder and creative director Adam Hoets, willowlamp recently completed two monumental theatrical lighting installations for Cathédrale, an exciting new restaurant in Las Vegas. This remarkable project showcases willowlamp’s exceptional craftsmanship, leaving visitors captivated by its beauty.

  • Our Bespoke Lighting Design Service

    1st September 2022

    Our bespoke lighting design service allows us to custom design lamps for interior design plans. Each willowlamp is available in different sizes and finishes. We can tailor the height and length of the chandelier and pendants in our light collections to suit each individual space. 

  • Bring Nature-Inspired Lighting Into Your Interiors

    27th July 2022

    Bring nature-inspired lighting into your interiors. Choose light fixtures that use natural materials. Metal chain is a unique choice. The master craftsmen at willowlamp use natural metal materials across designs. To create a wood-type texture we use an oxidation process to treat steel frames and other design parts of a chosen light fixture. The end result is a rust finish that is then lacquered and sealed to prevent further rusting. We love working with a rust finish for our tree-inspired chandeliers. 

  • Another timeless design from willowlamp, the new Stalactite chandelier is set to rock the global design stage

    18th July 2022

    The company continues to redefine the way luxury lighting is designed, produced, and tailored to create unique spaces. From indigenous and unique flowers such as the Protea to enchanted forests, conical seashells, rivers, storms, galaxies, and now, ancient caves, willowlamp’s unique design methodology knows no bounds.

  • A Monumental Chandelier Lights Up Luxury Hotel

    28th June 2022

    An exquisite example of technical triumph and creative innovation, one of willowlamp’s bespoke chandeliers lights up the upscale JW Marriott in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States, creating a design statement piece of note. This custom chandelier light design is monumental; having required an impressive 26 cubic meters of hanging space and weighing in over a ton.

    This upscale hotel is described as an urban luxury retreat and oozes exclusivity with many striking interior design features including a show-stopping, one-of-a-kind, and highly sculptural willowlamp chandelier adorning the welcome lobby and showing off proudly through the glass façade of the hotel entrance for all to see.

  • We’re heading into the 2nd quarter of 2021 with a fresh approach.

    8th March 2021

    We’re highlighting our own projects and also those of other designers that deserve recognition. We want to celebrate YOU!

    Basking in the Glow!

    Atelier West approached us to contribute to the renovation of Grand Casino Baden’s PLÜ Restaurant and Lounge in Switzerland. We supplied 47 willowlamps to hang throughout the space. To illustrate the design concept of ‘luxurious nature’ Atelier West opted for our Ngoma Drum, Flower of Life, Moroccan Vases and Downlight Retrofits to illuminate the restaurant, bar and lounge areas.

  • Light It Up!

    15th December 2020

    It’s the festive season at last, at the end of a challenging year! Time to light up the lights, celebrate and be thankful! Speaking of which, we’d like to thank you for your continued support. And here’s wishing you and yours a peaceful and happy holiday!

  • Going Virtual

    6th October 2020

    This month we’ll be exhibiting virtually as part of 100% Design South Africa 2020. Due to lockdown restrictions, Africa’s leading product design trade exhibition has converted to an online only affair for 2020. Visit willowlamp at our digital display booth from 7-9 October 2020. Members of the architecture and interior design professions who register to attend gain free access to the show. Please register here to interact with us in this new virtual dimension.


    23rd July 2020

    We celebrate our 16th anniversary in July and this wonderful milestone would not have been possible without you – our clients and suppliers. Thank you for all your support over the years!

    And then, let’s not forget our remarkable staff. Even now, abiding by the lockdown regulations, the willowlamp team continues to work in the most careful and efficient manner, to create signature and extraordinary pieces for your homes and projects.

  • Looking for the light

    6th April 2020

    Our thoughts are with South Africa and the rest of the world during this incredibly challenging and vulnerable time. We’d like to express our concern and wishes for everyone’s wellbeing and we’re trying to remain as positive as we can.

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