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The willowlamp team produces bespoke lighting from award-winning chandeliers to pendants and lamps.

As a recognised and award-winning lighting design company, our success story began with a simple idea: a patented notch system by willowlamp’s Founder and Creative Director, Adam Hoets.  This design method allows strands of metal ball chains to be notched into laser-cut stainless steel frames.

This, along with our bespoke tailoring service, enables us to create an infinite variety of unique lighting designs.  Our light designs are inspired by nature and the principles of sacred geometry.  Bespoke lighting by Adam Hoets celebrates the beauty surrounding us from flowers to enchanted forests, sea shells, rivers, storms, and galaxies.

Today, our award-winning, bespoke lighting designs bring life and light to large and small spaces across the globe. We work with renowned architects and interior designers across residential and hospitality projects to deliver decorative lighting. 

Our lamps are crafted using world-class lighting technology, master craftsmanship, and high-quality metal materials to create timeless yet functional works of art.  When you invest in a willowlamp, it is a true investment in style, creativity, and individual expression. 


Lighting designer, Adam Hoets, is the Founder and Creative Director of willowlamp.  Trained as an architect, Hoets’ designs create spaces that integrate harmoniously into their surroundings with sculptural forms.  Hoets lives and works on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town. 

We use world-class lighting technology and the highest-quality materials to create architectural luminaires inspired by the nature surrounding us. Each light is made to order and hand-assembled by master craftsmen.


The willowlamp notch design system was patented in 2007. Since then, we have built a reliable team of trading partners and specialist suppliers in the luxury lighting industry. 

Our professional in-house support team ensures that willowlamp is shipped with care to our clients all over the world. Our industrial partners deliver precision laser-cut, machined and finished components.

The artisans in our team are masters at creating lighting products and hand-assemble each willowlamp with meticulous attention. Each willowlamp is made precisely to order, guaranteeing the highest quality and a truly unique art piece. 


Luxury lighting by Adam Hoets fuses metal and light to create sculptural lamps as functional art. Unleash your creativity and consult with us to create your own bespoke lighting that showcases your individual style.

We have created custom lighting projects along with bespoke fixtures for hospitality, commercial and residential projects.

Custom-made willowlamps can be architectural fixtures and installations as once-off creations, or limited editions. We are able to create bespoke lighting that brings life to any space, regardless of height, volume, or shape.


We are represented around the world by a network of qualified willowlamp agents and trading partners. Contact the agent in your region or our Cape Town-based head office listed, for more information about the willowlamp brand.

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‘Flat-Pack’ Benefits: Every willowlamp is flat-packed and shipped in special, environmentally-friendly packing crates. Flat-pack shipping significantly reduces costs. It is an experience in itself to see the beautiful piece unfolding out of its packaging.  

Support, Service, and Logistics: We aim to deliver customer service that is as outstanding as our designs.  The willowlamp trademark guarantees personalized attention to detail for our luxury lighting products and service. 


We have had the privilege of winning a variety of local and globally prestigious design awards.


We have had the privilege of participating in some of the leading design exhibitions that celebrate outstanding creativity in product design. 

* Southern Guild is an exhibition of South African artists, designers, and craftspeople that travels to art and design shows across the globe.

** The ‘Global Africa Project’ was a traveling exhibition that started its life at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. This significant exhibition showcased design originating from Africa with the aim of correcting stereotypes about the level of art, craft, and design from the continent.