The Art of Life and Light
Master craftsmen who create bespoke lighting from large art installations to award-winning chandeliers to pendants and lamps.

What makes willowlamp special?

Every willowlamp, whether a simple pendant lamp, an elaborate art chandelier, or a massive ceiling installation, is rooted in the same patented, deceptively simple idea: a tiny notch laser-cut into the edge of steel sheet-metal frames. This ingenious notch enables strands of metal ball chains to seamlessly interlock with the frames, eliminating the need for fasteners and granting us boundless design freedom to create flowing, elegant veils of metal beaded chains. Yet, the diversity of forms, the originality, and the creativity arising from this one simple idea are truly astonishing!

This invisible thread that ties our entire body of work together ensures that all willowlamps share a uniquely special quality; simply put, willowlamps are alive! The veils of metal ball chains are never completely static. They respond gently to the slightest current of air, even as subtle as one’s breath. This subtle shimmering quality transforms a space, bringing it to life in a never-ending dance of light, reflection, shadow, and movement that creates drama and magic.


Adam Hoets, Founder and Creative Director of willowlamp, merges his architectural expertise with a deep connection to nature in his lighting designs. After graduating as an architect from UCT in 2000, he initially focused on sustainable eco-architecture, shaped by his immersion in the African wilderness. This experience profoundly influences his work, with nature serving as a primary source of inspiration for many of his lighting designs. Living and working on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, he crafts lighting pieces reflecting the natural beauty that surrounds him. From large-scale ceiling installations, and striking chandeliers to wall, pendant, and table lamps that are perfectly subtle in their simplicity, every willowlamp product embodies Hoets’ vision of beauty and quality. His journey from architecture to lighting design is the next chapter in his journey as an artist and designer.

The Team that Brings Lighting Designs to Life

The willowlamp journey began in 2005. Since then, we have cultivated a reliable network of trading partners and specialist suppliers in the luxury lighting industry. Our dedicated in-house support team ensures meticulous care in shipping willowlamp products to clients worldwide. Collaborating with best-of-breed industrial partners, we ensure precision laser-cut, machined, and finished components.  Our team of artisans are masters in crafting lighting products and meticulously hand-assembling each willowlamp, paying utmost attention to detail. Every willowlamp is custom-made precisely to order, ensuring the highest quality and a truly unique art piece.


Our signature patented notch is not just a unique concept— it represents the cornerstone of our commitment to originality in every design we create.  While we hold great respect for fellow artists and designers, we never look to them for inspiration or ideas.  We believe that creativity comes solely from within and to create truly inspiring and original work, the artist must draw from the depths of their soul.  We invite you to explore our collections to discover how our ethos of originality is reflected in our unique design collection.  We hope that our creations will infuse your interior with a distinctive sophistication, identity, and expression, reflecting your values and style.

Inspiration is Everywhere

From stars and galaxies to seashells, flowers, forests, and trees, nature, and sacred geometry are the primary driving forces behind my designs—an endless wellspring of inspiration! While much of my work tends to be abstract, sometimes it takes on a more literal form. Inspiration knows no bounds—it can emerge from anywhere, at any time.  My background as an architect, coupled with a childhood surrounded by artists and craftspeople, has endowed me with a unique approach to design. As a result, I draw inspiration from many other sources such as art, ceramics, sculpture, and architecture. A number of my designs are characterized by bold angles and rectilinear forms, reflecting this diverse array of influences.

A Marriage of Art & Design

willowlamp epitomizes the seamless fusion of art and design.  We are passionately committed to blurring the boundaries between these two worlds.  We achieve this by creating designer lighting products that are highly sculptural and unique.  This transforms them from merely being functional objects into works of art.  This symbiotic relationship ensures that our work does double duty not only being functional but adding a distinctive decorative element to any space.  In today’s world, where space constraints and minimalist aesthetics are increasingly prevalent, there’s a significant opportunity to imbue functional elements with dual-purpose functionality and aesthetic appeal. This approach contributes to the creative expression, soul, and enchanting magic required to bring spaces to life.

Bespoke Design, Handmade to Perfection

At willowlamp, quality is non-negotiable.  We meticulously select only the finest materials and lighting technologies, scouring the globe to research, develop, and procure components, materials, and lighting systems that complement our designs. Every highly polished piece we create undergoes a rigorous hand-assembly process by our team of highly skilled artisans.  We take pride in delivering work of exceptional quality and master craftsmanship.  To maintain this standard of excellence, we do not mass produce. As a luxury designer lighting Atelier, our bespoke designs are crafted with care in our beautiful and tranquil assembly factory & design studio nestled on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town.  Here, amidst this serene environment, light is brought to life—earning our facility the affectionate title of the “magic factory.”


Within our standard collection, you’ll find a wide array of designs to choose from, many of which are available in various sizes and types.  Additionally, all designs come in a variety of standard finish options to suit your preferences and specific design direction.  If you desire further customization or seek something entirely personalized and unique, the possibilities are endless. Explore options such as additional non-standard finishes, mixed finishes including color blocking or ombré gradated finishes, mixing metallics or opting for a colour ball chain, additional material options, and tailoring adjustments to fit your space perfectly.  Allow your creativity to run wild.  Ball chain is our medium and the sky, or ceiling, truly is the limit.

To delve deeper into the possibilities, please visit our Finishes page:

No Challenge is Too Large

Custom design is our specialty.  The scope of our projects varies significantly in scale and complexity.  At its simplest, customization might involve scaling up or enlarging the diameter of a standard design to better fit your space.  Larger versions of our standard designs can be created in enlarged or even supersized iterations.  Beyond our standard offering, we offer ‘Custom Design’ – a collaborative bespoke design service where we work together to develop your original willowlamp design, leveraging our patented technique. For projects that demand the highest level of design complexity, we offer our ‘Signature Concepts’ service. These projects entail a collaborative process where our clients become co-creators of something truly unique.  Signature Concepts often involve monumental-scale installation projects, such as our “ceiling-scapes,” which are expansive art installations designed to fill entire ceilings.

To discover more please view our ‘Signature Concepts’ page

Keeping Good Company

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious design companies on numerous world-class projects.  Today, our designs and creations grace spaces of all sizes, from exclusive 6-star resorts to luxurious homes and exquisite apartments.  Represented globally by a select network of qualified willowlamp agents and trading partners, our brand reaches discerning clientele worldwide. Whether you seek more information about the willowlamp brand or wish to inquire about ordering, we encourage you to contact the agent in your region or our Cape Town-based head office, listed below.   Our professional team will expertly guide you through the process. 

Find our list of Agents here

Timelessly Sustainable

We wholeheartedly support and proudly contribute to humanity’s collective effort to move towards a more sustainable future.  However, we also recognize the importance of looking beyond the hype to an important aspect that is often overlooked.  In our view, the true measure of sustainability is that design transcends passing trends and fast fashion.  A design product can only be deemed sustainable if it is timeless and able to withstand the test of time.  And it is because of this core philosophy and design principle that a willowlamp will always be beautiful.  We envision a future where your willowlamp is passed down from generation to generation.  To us that would be the ultimate testament to sustainability.

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‘Flat-Pack’ Benefits:

Each willowlamp is meticulously flat-packed and shipped with care in specially designed, environmentally friendly packing crates.  This method of flat pack shipping not only reduces shipping costs but, upon arrival, also ensures a unique unveiling experience as the willowlamp piece magically unfolds from its packaging during the unboxing process.

Support, Service, and Logistics:

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our designs to encompass exceptional customer service.  The willowlamp trademark guarantees personalized attention to detail throughout your experience with our luxury lighting products and services.


We have had the privilege of winning a variety of local and globally prestigious design awards.


We have had the privilege of participating in some of the leading design exhibitions that celebrate outstanding creativity in product design. 

* Southern Guild is an exhibition of South African artists, designers, and craftspeople that travels to art and design shows across the globe.

** The ‘Global Africa Project’ was a traveling exhibition that started its life at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. This significant exhibition showcased design originating from Africa with the aim of correcting stereotypes about the level of art, craft, and design from the continent.

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