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Faraway Tree

The Faraway Tree chandelier and wall sconce is inspired by nature and influenced by the graphic representations of trees in architectural drawings. This chandelier is lit from below by a concealed light source within a suspended up-lighter dish shaped like a half moon. The light points up to ceilings, casting dramatic shadows such as the light seen filtering through forest canopies. Available in 3 standard chandelier sizes and 1 wall sconce.

Available Models:

Suspended 500
Shade size: 500w x 400h mm / Total height: 700mm
Suspended 700
Shade size: 700w x 550h mm / Total height: 900mm
Suspended 1000
Shade size: 1000w x 750h mm / Total height: 1200mm
Wall Sconce 450
Shade size: 450x425w mm / Total height: 380-450mm