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Enchanted Faraway Tree

This light design is an evolution of our award-winning Faraway tree chandelier, which has been transformed into a suspended sculptural mobile. Our Enchanted Faraway Tree chandeliers are highly sought after and have captured the imagination of many with a discerning eye. This sculptural light is constructed from a series of bowing, counterbalancing branches hanging from one another down a central trunk. It is made from laser-cut stainless steel frames, chrome-plated or lacquered, solid brass components, and ball chain curtaining available in several optional finishes. It is illuminated by two electrical systems, one using lamps at nodes between branches and another using spotlights housed in a suspended up-lighter dish. Can you imagine the light this lamp casts across your ceiling? It can be ordered in clusters of branched tiers.. four tiers, eight tiers, twelve tiers, and even more… potentially filling a 10-15 story void inside a spiraling stairway! These can be ordered in an assortment of metallic ball chains such as silver chrome, smoke gunmetal, brass, copper, and rust or a mix of metallics across branches to create an ombre, ultra-elegant, and nature-inspired look and feel. Bring nature indoors with this elegant, illuminated art piece, designed by Adam Hoets in 2011.

Available Models:

4 Tier 1000
Shade size: 1000w x 1300h mm / Total height: 1600mm
8 Tier 1000
Shade size: 1000w x 2000h mm / Total height: 2450mm
12 Tier 1000
Shade size: 1000w x 2800h mm / Total height: 3250mm