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We would like to thank you for your interest in our lighting design company and appreciate you taking the time to read this introductory letter as well as our commercial terms to gain a thorough understanding of willowlamp and the way we work.


Why willowlamp?

The willowlamp lighting company is a small but highly successful South African designer lighting brand, based on the design and manufacture of a very diverse range of lighting designs.

These range from the small simple elegant table and standing lamps to striking pendants and intricate chandeliers, illuminated sculptural art forms, and massive custom-made lighting installations.

We work with renowned architects and interior designers on a variety of bespoke lighting projects within the residential and hospitality industries.

The designs are all based on one simple yet highly ingenious idea: a patented method of attaching metal ball-chain to laser-cut steel frames.

This system, which uses a tiny notch in the frame to form a fastener-free chain curtain system, unleashes endless design possibilities.

A major benefit to our clients is that although the result may be a massive sculptural feature chandelier, all of our light fixtures are packaged using a ‘flat-pack’boxing method. This simplifies the delivery and keeps freight costs affordable.

Over the past 15 years, we have won several prestigious awards and have been showcased at numerous design fairs and shows both locally and abroad.

willowlamp is distributed globally via our trading partners and also directly to the consumer and the trade.

Everything we make is painstakingly hand-assembled in-house at our factory in Cape Town.

All our components are made from the highest quality materials, which we have scoured the earth to find. Given that the metal materials we use are natural materials, there may be slight variations in the final chains used compared to the samples provided, and each sample may also be slightly different from the next.

We use the best systems and technologies available to integrate into our lighting designs.

Keeping apace with global trends we can also offer most of our designs (on request) in more energy efficient LED lamps.

Learn more about the above on our website.


What does willowlamp offer?

The willowlamp’s lighting design opportunities can be divided into two main streams: Collections and Custom Designs:

Collections: Our tried and tested, award-winning light designs have been refined over the years.

Each unique piece is made to order and lead time depends on the complexity of the design and size of the order.

The best way to familiarize yourself with our full range of light designs is to download willowlamp’s catalogues.

The Collections are divided into four main groupings:

Custom Design: The design and manufacture of custom lighting projects is a more complex process with a longer lead time (10-12 weeks on average but pending confirmation on receipt of a brief), which usually only commences once the final design drawings have been signed off by all trading parties and the client.

We are a small business and therefore only take on a limited number of custom design projects as this is an exclusive service that enables us to create large installations, ‘once‐offs’, and limited editions.

We have created installations worldwide in very prestigious locations from private homes to hotel foyers. View custom lighting projects along with our hospitalitycommercial and residential projects.

We welcome our clients and resellers to explore the endless possibilities that the willowlamp design methodologies, materials, and bespoke tailoring system offer and to collaborate with us to create completely new designs for specific requirements.

We reserve the right to use only the best quality materials and exercise creative license as a distinctive and patented luxury lighting brand to ensure all manufactured pieces are in line with willowlamp’s standards and recommended styling, particularly with custom work.

Tailoring and Finish Options All willowlamp products are available in ‘different chain finishes’ and what we call ‘tailoring’ (slight adjustments).

A Note on Natural Materials & Lighting: Kindly note there may be slight variations in the final chain finish used compared to any digital or physical swatch provided as our metal ball chain is made from natural materials, which also antique over time in their own unique environments. Variations can also occur with changes to the surrounding light and the types of bulbs used (i.e., halogen vs. LEDs) and the type of lighting installed within the luminaire’s space itself.

colours labelled
  • Metallic Finishes: silver (chrome), brass (polished), copper (lacquered), smoke (blackened nickel) and rusted steel (lacquered). Please note that Mixing finishes is also an option.
  • Rust: Kindly note that due to the nature of our rust chain finish, although we price these lamps within the metallic finish pricing range, unlike the metallics, our rusted chains cannot be mixed with other metallics as impregnation can occur. Additionally, all lamping components including ceiling cups, etc., are oxidized and lacquer-sealed to prevent further oxidation from occurring.
  • Colour Finishes: white gloss, red gloss, and black gloss. These are the only colours that we keep in stock but any Pantone colour is possible upon special request. This does require additional costs and increased lead time.

Learn more about our standard, nonstandard, and custom request finishes available on our website.

Learn everything you need to know about choosing our rust finish in this article.

  • Tailoring, Chain Length and Drop: All willowlamps can be adjusted and ‘tailored’ to suit specific site conditions and requirements, such as the overall drop or total height of a fitting.

Upon special request, any of the standard designs may be altered even further to suit individual requirements.

For example, we can make standard designs larger, or we can use LEDs instead of incandescent halogen lamps.

You will find that our high level of customer service and ability to suit customers’ needs is what sets willowlamp apart from nearly every other lighting company.

Tailoring may have some impact on the final price if the adjustments are substantial.

Please note that we can make enlarged versions of any of our designs, however, we regard these as part of ‘Custom Design’ – i.e., extending a 1000mm diameter Flower of Life or Protea chandelier will fall under custom design. We have produced custom Flower of Life chandeliers up to three meters in diameter, for example.

In addition to producing these designs, we also offer a high level of customer service and can help facilitate freight by sea or air as a complimentary service. Kindly note regarding freighting goods outside of South Africa, where we manufacture, we only provide “DAP” – “Deliver at Place”.


Purchasing a willowlamp

Lead Times

Depending on the circumstances and the customers’ needs, our standard lead time for our ‘willowlamp collections’ may vary. Kindly note, the below are simply guidelines and a production lead time will need to be confirmed just prior to final confirmation based on the order volumes in production at the factory at the time of inquiry and order placement request.

  • 2-3 Weeks – Simple Lamps & Small Batches:We keep limited amounts of stock of the key components (i.e., special laser-cut frames) to make up any of the most popular designs in any finish required within a fairly short lead time. If your order is for a larger quantity or we do not have stock of the requested design or finish you require, the next option is…
  • 6-8 Weeks – Bespoke Orders: Larger batches where key components need to be produced.We can make anything in our standard range in significant quantities depending on the size and complexity of the pieces and the number of items ordered.
  • 8-12+ weeks – Art Pieces, Complex Classics, Large Volumes:  For very large orders the lead time may need to be increased up to 12 weeks or more with delivery dispatched in batches.

Please always confirm lead times at the time of placing an order to ensure that we can meet your deadline.

Purchasing a willowlamp- Our Process

Here is our step-by-step procedure for ordering from us:

  • Once we receive your request, we will provide you with information pertaining to the design you are interested in. For standard orders, a specification sheet will be provided to you to confirm the tailoring of your unique piece – i.e., finish and the total drop (total drop is typically Dimension A on our drawings). When we use the term, ‘total drop’, we are referring to the total height of the light from the ceiling to the base of the decorative shade, including any tendrils or strands of chain.
  • In the case of custom design, a detailed scope of work, brief and/or questionnaire and budget will also be required for evaluation and appraisal of the project. This process may be done collaboratively.
  • Once you have decided on the design, as well as the colour finish and tailoring please confirm everything in writing or by completing our specification sheet and returning it to us.  We will quote you accordingly. *In the case of custom design, this process may become a lengthy process and we may also require a ‘designers fee’ depending on the project scope.
  • Upon acceptance of the quote, we will provide you with a proforma invoice in order to make payment. We request a 50% deposit in order to commence production. Once the client pays a 50% deposit the order is secured, and the production lead time is calculated from the deposit payment date. *In the case of custom designs, the design drawings need to be completed and signed off prior to the commencement of manufacturing lead-time whereupon a confirmed delivery date is issued to the customer.  Often there is a considerable delay between quoting and ordering, and we urge the customer to confirm the final delivery date making their deposit or installation commitments.
  • Once the delivery date approaches, a final commercial invoice is issued, and the client is instructed

To release final payment BEFORE delivery.

  • Our production lead times exclude freight. Kindly note, freight costs and lead times are outside of our control. Based on the production lead time of each unique order, a revised freight estimate will be requested just prior to delivery and there may be a freight cost estimate fluctuation that is outside of our control. Therefore, the final commercial invoice will include any necessary amendment when we are tasked to assist with freight (DAP only).
  • The client (or agent) is welcome to inspect the goods at our factory before final shipment by prior arrangement.
  • The goods are tested, well-packed, and labeled with appropriate details and instructions. All goods are sent with full documentation. Please make sure that you notify us of any special requirements well ahead of the delivery date.
  • Delivery is at the client’s cost.
  • All banking charges are at the client’s cost.


Once Installed – Our Integrated Sales & Marketing Process

For trade partners we offer a complimentary and discretionary integrated sales and marketing service:

The willowlamp combined brand reach is considerable and we enjoy working collaboratively and strategically with our partners and can support projects in numerous ways, as additional value:

  • PR – Press Releases can be crafted, approved and sent to our shared network of global print and digital publishers and sent to our global footprint of Agent’s to distribute to their unique connections too.
  • Awards Entries
  • Social media placements across the willowlamp brand social media channels include (but not limited to):
  • Blog post & inclusion on willowlamp’s website
  • Newsletter placements

Kindly note, all placements are at the discretion of willowlamp’s in-house marketing team.

The provision of quality content including high-quality photography, copy and pull quotes, ensure a greater chance of coverage.

For any inquiries relating to the above information, kindly contact us.

Please click on the link below to read our commercial terms and conditions. Kindly note that our website T&Cs supersede any previously provides terms and are the most updated version to be referred to and adhered to due to lengthy and complex communication cycles and project life spans.

Commercial Terms


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