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Flower of Life

The Flower of Life chandelier is an award-winning light design. It is available in 500mm, 700mm And 1000mm diameters and is now available with matching wall sconces. This is our original and most iconic lighting design collection. The stainless steel frame is laser cut with the sacred geometry mandala known as the Flower of life. This is an elegant and intricate multiple-leveled chandelier that evokes a classic 1920s style. The Flower of Life chandelier is available as both a ceiling-mounted lamp that sits flush against a ceiling and as a suspended model. Tailoring is available for the total drop of each chandelier to ensure it fits perfectly in its intended space. We also make these chandeliers as grand large-scale statement pieces that are fully customized. We’ve made gigantic Flower of Life chandeliers with diameters spanning up to three meters and with dramatic total drops. Matching Flower of Life wall sconces is ideal for smaller spaces, freeing up surfaces for busy modern living whilst doubling up as artwork. Choose from a variety of metallic ball chains such as silver chrome, smoke gunmetal, brass, and copper, or color chains using red, white, or black. Other color ball chains can be explored upon request.

Available Models:

Suspended 500
Shade size: 500w x 630h mm / Total height: 1350mm
Suspended 700
Shade size: 700w x 825h mm / Total height: 7350mm
Suspended 1000
Shade size: 1000w x 1175h mm / Total height: 2450mm
Ceiling Mounted 500
Shade size: 500w x 275h mm / Total height: 750mm
Ceiling Mounted 700
Shade size: 700w x 400h mm / Total height: 1030mm
Ceiling Mounted 1000
Shade size: 1000w x 520h mm / Total height: 1520mm
Wall Sconce 500
Shade size: 500w x 340h mm / Total height: 940mm

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