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This chandelier design is based on the form of a dangling flower with metal petals bowing under the weight of the chain. This light design is playful, uplifting, and commanding. Bring some magic into your home with a custom chandelier available in an assortment of colours and sizes. Illuminated by a suspended spiralling arrangement of Pyrex glass balls and is available in two popular chandelier sizes, a 700mm and 1000mm shade width diameter with a customisable total drop. This show-stopper was designed by Adam Hoets in 2008 and has been a firm favourite ever since, finding itself in luxury residential and hospitality spaces in an assortment of colours, finishes and sizes, including gigantic custom sizes.

Available Models:

Suspended 700
Shade size: 700w x 700h mm / Total height: 1150mm
Suspended 1000
Shade size: 1000w x 1000h mm / Total height: 1500mm