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The Link

This modern chandelier is inspired by geometric square links on a chain. The resulting chandelier design is a dramatic, geometric sculptural design resembling giant and abstracted links of chains. The use of two-chain tones enhances the three-dimensionality of the artwork. The design is customizable in that additional links may be added to create an even longer chain. Similarly, a link may be removed to create a one-tier chandelier. The Link features two interlocking square links as a two-tier piece. At two tiers, the minimum total drop is 1845mm, making this modern chandelier a perfect statement piece for large spaces. Need an even larger piece? No problem, we can add additional links to create three, four, and five-tier chandeliers. The design team at willowlamp will work with you to tailor a unique piece that is perfectly customized for its intended space, bringing both design and technical expertise to the table. It is illuminated by an array of G4 UFO LEDs. Designed by Adam Hoets in 2018.

Available Models:

Suspended 700
Shade size: 700×700 x 1610h mm / Total height: 1845mm