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This new chandelier light design by Adam Hoets, is inspired by the surface texture of cave formations, and is available in multiple metal chain finishes. The new Stalactite chandelier is inspired by one of the world’s heritage sites, the Cango Caves, which is enormous and dripping with gigantic stalactites. A stalactite is an icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave. It is subsequently produced by the precipitation of minerals from water dripping through the cave ceiling. The walls of caves are known to tell tales of life — from cavemen’s drawings to engravings. Hoets believes that nature itself has a story to tell and each design strives to ignite these stories through shape and form to celebrate creation, and ultimately, love. Most stalactites have pointed tips. Stalactites take their name from the Greek word ‘to drip’. In fact, this is how they are formed, through mineral deposits dripping through water streams. In keeping with the spirit of timeless design that surpasses and uplifts any trend, stalactites form extremely slowly. As such, radiometric dating has shown that some are hundreds of thousands of years old. Similarly, careful consideration has gone into every curvature of this new Stalactite chandelier. The pleated ball chain curtaining is engineered to form a luxurious layer upon layer for the overall formation. This subsequently creates the sense of a stalactite dripping from the ceiling and stretching towards the floor. Designer, Adam Hoets, notes, “The primary inspiration behind this design was driven by a desire to recreate the surface texture of these formations, the rippling striations and convoluted textures that build up on the surface of stalactites over many centuries”

Available Models:

Suspended 1000
Shade size:1000w x 950 mm / Total height: 1450mm
Ceiling Mounted 1000
Shade size:1000w x950 mm / Total height: 1000mm