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Bespoke Lighting Project

We are thrilled to bring you news of our latest bespoke lighting project.  
As a South African company led by founder and creative director Adam Hoets, willowlamp recently completed two monumental theatrical lighting installations for Cathédrale, an exciting new restaurant in Las Vegas. This remarkable project showcases willowlamp’s exceptional craftsmanship, leaving visitors captivated by its beauty.

The project was commissioned by the talented project designers at the renowned Rockwell Group.  willowlamp was entrusted with the task of interpreting and reimagining the intent of the flagship Cathédrale restaurant, located in New York’s East Village.  Inspired by the historic Fillmore East, a well-known Yiddish theatre-turned concert hall, the interior design of the restaurant seamlessly blends elements of theatre, glamour, church and rock.  One notable inspiration that influenced Adam Hoets was the wire-mesh ceiling installation crafted by Italian artist Eduardo Tresoldi in the original flagship Cathédrale restaurant in New York City.


Sculptural metal beaded chain installation above bar at Catherdale Las Vegas

To capture the essence of a theatrical rock venue housed within a glamorous church, Hoets delved into the architectural references and motifs found in cathedrals.  By studying their geometries, he extracted the perfect architectonic language. The result is an immersive experience that truly transports you to a mesmerizing realm.
Upon entering the dining room, guests are greeted by the first of the two stunning beaded chain canopies. Above the bar, a second installation featuring an astonishing 22 000 chains further enhances the ambiance, adding an extra touch of grandeur to the space.  Comprised of an astounding 60 000 meters of chain and weighing nearly 4.5 tonnes, these installations immediately capture attention with their dramatic presence.
What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the timeline in which it was accomplished. While projects of this magnitude typically take up to two years from planning to completion, our willowlamp team successfully delivered these masterpieces in just eight months. This accomplishment is a testament to Adam Hoets’ architectural background and our team’s unwavering dedication to bringing visionary designs to life.
The installations at Cathédrale represent yet another exceptional creation by willowlamp, joining our extensive portfolio of one-of-a-kind pieces that adorn residential and hospitality spaces worldwide.

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