Cathedrale Las Vegas – Cathedral installation

For this project, the new 2nd Cathedrale restaurant in Las Vegas in the Aria Hotel, willowlamp was commissioned to design two astonishing pieces. This focal piece is a monumental, immersive and theatrical cathedral ceiling installation above the main dining room. The design pays homage to original restaurant located in New York City’s East Village and is a nod to French & neo-classical cathedrals. Literally composed using centralized domes as focal points and abstracted geometrical, architectural elements such as arches and pendentives that juxtapose forms and materials to evoke a sense of magical realism.

This main dining piece is 12,8m x 3.9m in area and 40,000m (60km) of metal beaded chain and weigh 2 tones!

Due to tight project constraints willowlamp produced this design was manufactured sans electrics as a decorative architectural chain installation comprising around 50 panels. Although we did not produce the lighting system we worked closely with an architectural lighting designer  in the USA to consider every aspect of the lighting system.

Project Type

Custom Art-Piece Chain Installation


Cathedrale restaurant – Aria Hotel, Las Vegas


Tao hospitality Group & the Rockwell Group

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