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With this round chandelier masterful precision melds with martial arts in moments

willowlamp Founder and Creative Director Adam Hoets draws ideas for new designs from all forms and media; enter The WindChime, a round chandelier from the 2018 collection.

The WindChime concept came to life after Adam watched a film about ninjas. Hoets says the design was one of the fastest-completed that he has ever created. “It took me less than three days. Sometimes I sit on ideas for years, and sometimes they just appear in an instant.”

The creative process varies greatly, as do the many different moments that can take an idea to the next level. While Hoets cannot recall the title of the film, one scene in particular made quite an impression, showing an elongated light made of tiered bamboo windchimes, mimicking the shape of the traditional instrument. “I’ve always liked these forms and thought it would be interesting to interpret windchimes in a classic round chandelier design.”

The WindChime is one of two new chandeliers among the larger statement pieces in this collection, while at least half of the remaining 2018 lights are smaller designs with consideration given to more compact spaces. The WindChime represents what willowlamp has become known for – large, show-stopping pieces that pack a punch.

All willowlamp creations embrace sharp attention to detail, and the design of The WindChime frame structure simulates a snowflake shape; this is carried through to the smaller repeated suspended frames. “With this light, I also positioned lamps on the top of the main frame. These cast dramatic overlapping shadows onto the ceiling above through the suspension chains and circular holes in the frame above it,” Hoets notes.

His poetic interpretation of traditional bamboo windchime forms is illuminated by G4 LEDs in each ‘windchime’, as well as six LEDs on top of the main frame.

The WindChime is available in a choice of colours ranging from a variety of metallic shades to red, white or black.