Aesthetic value and functionality can often go hand in hand. Ask any skilled interior decorator or architect, and they’ll point out a variety of furnishings or features that not only serve a practical purpose, but have been designed to look like works of art. Yet it’s not only tables, sofas and benches that achieve this confluence. Thanks to numerous visionary designers – such as Philippe Starck, Stefano Giovannoni, Tom Dixon or even willowlamp’s creative director, Adam Hoets – lighting fixtures can easily double as sculptural installations, making a space not only brighter, but far more breathtaking as well.

Award-winning sculptural lighting design company willowlamp is a major producer of light fixtures that easily live up to the term ‘light sculptures’. But what do we mean when we use this phrase? Well, there is perfunctory lighting whose sole purpose is to brighten up a living space. The features of sculptural lighting design transcend the limits of industrial design and are more heavily imbued with, and influenced by, a variety of structural and artistic concepts.

Here at willowlamp, we have a range of lights that are inspired by art, geometry, nature and architecture. This is especially evident in our startling collection of modern chandeliers that we call ‘Art Pieces’.

Our Spiral Nebula and Elliptical Nebula are inspired not only by the nebula galaxies of our cosmos, but by the shapes of seashells. The stalactite-shaped Droplet has a touch of the Gothic, while a hint of fantasy can be found in the nature-inspired chandeliers titled Enchanted Faraway Tree and Elongated Faraway Tree, both of which owe their names to Enid Blyton’s classic The Magic Faraway Tree. The natural world is a strong point of influence for willowlamp in general and Hoets has designed five flower-inspired light fixtures.

Geometric inspiration can be found in Mandala Nos. 1 and 2, and in Geometric Storm. The first two chandeliers incorporate Islamic patterns into their designs, while the third partly owes its particular construction to the Cubist art movement. You will find further intricate patterns in our other chandelier designs.

Our collection of pendant lights and ceiling, table and standing lamps are simpler in terms of design, but nonetheless show evidence of remarkable artistry. At willowlamp, whatever the light you buy, you can always be assured that it doubles as a work of art.