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willowlamp Lighting the Way!

Lighting the Way!

We recently completed a custom Mandala for a private home in Kuwait. A desire to illuminate the interior with an original pendant piece, that broke away from the traditional chandelier, led the client to opt for our Mandala. Taking inspiration from sacred geometry and Islamic patterns, this piece provides a refreshing contrast to the more classic chandelier and paves the way for a new contemporary style of lighting in Kuwait, where the market is dominated by more traditional forms.

Geometric Mandala
IJA 001 Installed 03

Projects We Love

Bouncing Back
Bounce is a public artwork in Detroit, USA, that celebrates collective perseverance. It links together thousands of individual parts and components into a unified gesture of positive change. It consists of a parachute cord filled with piano wire, which combines to create unique triangular polygons varying in colour, size, and shape. It lightly twists and sways during the day and at night, the project transforms under the glow of ultraviolet lighting into a surreal beacon bursting with iridescent colour. This light installation was created by New York-based studio Hou de Sousa.

Hou de Sousa Bounce

Take a Breath
We love this outdoor installation in New York City recently exhibited by artist Ekene Ijeoma. In collaboration with Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and Van Alen Institute, Ijeoma created Breathing Pavilion – an illuminated circle for communal meditation and respite. The installation sought to offer respite, healing, and togetherness after a time of grief, trauma, and hardship for many. The breathing Pavilion was formed by columns that slowly modulated in brightness to illustrate a deep breathing technique designed to bring calm. Visitors breathed in time with the changing light and attuned themselves to a shared rhythm of respite.

We’d love to feature your lighting projects – please drop us a line to tell us what you’re working on?

Ekene Ijeoma Breathing Pavilion 2021. Photography Kris Graves

Joining Local Forces

We are excited to announce that we are now listed on SA Decor and Design. This is a South African directory of home decor specialists, interior designers, architects, and lifestyle brands.

You can take a look at our profile here.

Radial 005 willowlamp 2020 0948 high res

Last Few Days of Our Sale!

Our sample sale concludes at the end of July, so it’s now or never! Only a few pieces are left, and these are still available at generously discounted prices – a rare and exciting opportunity to invest in a willowlamp for a client or even for yourself.

Shop our sale here.

wall sconces
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