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Our Bespoke Lighting Design Service

Our bespoke lighting design service allows us to custom design lamps for interior design plans. Each willowlamp is available in different sizes and finishes. We can tailor the height and length of the chandelier and pendants in our light collections to suit each individual space. 

Luxury lighting design serves to enhance structural features and interior design in a way that can create a real impact. Custom lighting brings functional art into an interior as a reflection of personal style.

Our design team lends both creative and technical expertise to any project. We work alongside our clients to select and position the right design in the right place for the best possible effect. 

A great example of how one of our light designs can translate into a variety of design options is our Flower of Life collection.

This chandelier is available in three standard option sizes: a large (1000mm), medium, (700mm), or small (500mm) diameter frame.

Choose from a variety of different metal ball chain finishes in both warm and cool metallics such as brass and silver or choose a color option. Mixing metal finishes works very well across our lighting design collections. 

You can also choose your fixture type from suspended or ceiling-mounted chandeliers to pendant lights and wall lights. 


Flower of Life Assembly Type Examples
Flower of Life Chandelier & Wall Sconce


Tailor the total drop of a chandelier or wall sconce to create a truly custom Flower of Life chandelier with either shortened or lengthened tendrils.

A medium or large Flower of Life chandelier designed with an extra long drop can add real theatre to an interior and is a great choice to fill a stairwell or double-volume void. 

You can learn more about the variety of assembly types across design collections here.



Stacking chandeliers on top of one another is another way we can create a custom light for a very long chandelier with a dramatic total drop. 

Learn more about our bespoke lighting design service by exploring the variety and depth of our custom projects here.


For a truly custom chandelier, scale the Flower of Life chandelier to grand proportions for both residential and hospitality projects.  Our master craftsmen have custom-made chandeliers that are nearly three meters in diameter. The below piece was one of our largest pieces yet, boasting a diameter of 2700mm.

Working on a new project? Contact us for a complimentary design consultation. We will study your plans and provide you with tailoring recommendations based on your unique vision and space.

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