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Bring Nature-Inspired Lighting Into Your Interiors

Bring nature-inspired lighting into your interiors. Choose light fixtures that use natural materials. Metal chain is a unique choice. The master craftsmen at willowlamp use natural metal materials across designs. To create a wood-type texture we use an oxidation process to treat steel frames and other design parts of a chosen light fixture. The end result is a rust finish that is then lacquered and sealed to prevent further rusting. We love working with a rust finish for our tree-inspired chandeliers. 

The willowlamp brand has many tree-inspired lighting design collections to choose from with a wide variety of design styles and sizes. Our iconic Enchanted Faraway Tree art piece collection is available in four, eight, and twelve tiers and we’ve produced striking pieces up to sixteen tiers.

These sculptural mobiles are designed using a series of counterbalancing, bowing tree branches, all suspended from one another down a central trunk.

These make a magnificent addition to multi-story voids inside spiral stairways or between landings in high-volume spaces.

These show stoppers are designed to impress and bring nature indoors using a lighting dish that faces upwards to create moving shadows across your ceiling and nearby surfaces when the chandelier is on.

This design is an evolution of our award-winning and iconic Faraway Tree collection. 

rust willowlamp
Faraway Tree Chandelier – 1000mm – Rust willowlamp Finish

The Faraway Tree chandelier was originally designed by Adam Hoets, Founder & Creative Director of willowlamp.

As a trained architect, Hoets is inspired by the graphic representations of trees in architectural drawings. These pieces are available in three shade diameter sizes, 500mm, 700mm, and 1000mm.

This design is also available as a wall sconce, enabling a truly curated design theme for both statement and accent lighting within spaces. 

We recommend using our rust finish if you are looking for nature-inspired lighting. This finish is also a smart choice if you are close to the ocean, where oxidation of natural metal materials occurs more rapidly.

Each chain and component oxidizes differently in the same way that each tree branch takes shape based on the natural elements surrounding it.

rust willowlamp
Faraway Tree – 1000mm – Rust willowlamp Finish

We ensure no further oxidation can occur on your chosen pieces using a lacquer sealing process. Given that the rust willowlamp finish is so unique, all components are oxidized, including the ceiling cup, the uplighter dishes, and the steel laser-cut tree boughs.

In this sense, our luminaire’s using the rust willowlamp finish sits in a league and style family of their own, across all of our design collections, which you can view here.

When selecting alternative available metallic ball chain finishes such as silver chrome, smoke gunmetal, brass, copper, or mixed metallics, the overall piece comprises the use of satin-polished stainless steel components. Similarly, when choosing a color finish, the ceiling cup, frames, and uplighter dish will comprise stainless components.

faraway tree chandelier
Faraway Tree Chandelier – 700mm – Silver Chrome Ball Chain

Choosing metal finishes in home decorating exudes elegance. Using a silver ball chain finish for your light is a classic and versatile choice. 

Faraway Tree 1000 Brass 1 scaled
Faraway Tree Chandelier – 1000mm – Brass Ball Chain

Brass is an alluring hue and is an excellent and strong accent to furniture and ceilings, lending minimal spaces warmth, design strength, and sophistication.

enchanted faraway tree chandelier
Enchanted Faraway Tree Multi-Tier Chandelier – Copper Ball Chain

Coppers deliver shimmering looks that add shine and bounce light, which can make a room seem lighter and larger.

Choosing colder metallic shades such as smoke gunmetal or colour ball chains such as black and stainless steel work well with more minimalist design schemes that adopt a modern, contemporary décor. 

faraway tree wall sconce
Faraway Tree Wall Sconce – 500mm – Smoke Ball Chain

We take a consultative approach to co-design and curate the perfect lighting solution and styling for each space and can tailor the suspension to ensure each lamp perfectly suits its chosen environment.

Email info@willowlamp.com or contact us for a complimentary consultation and more information.

View the additional finishes that are available upon request such as antique brass, antique copper, antique nickel, and marine-grade stainless steel.