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Luxury chandelier with all the right angles

willowlamp’s nature-inspired silhouettes and affinity for symmetry in each luxury chandelier have become recognisable hallmarks of the lighting brand’s identity.

Now, in a departure for the company, The Link art piece presents a new direction and stylistic development for Founder and Creative Director Adam Hoets. The clean lines and crisp sensibility of the graphic design of this luxury chandelier gives it a contemporary character, which opens up new stylistic scope for decorators and homeowners alike.

Luxury chandelier - The Link

‘In a way, The Link extends the aesthetic I began to explore with the Geometric Storm, but it is its own unique animal,’ says Hoets. Prompted by the idea of exploring a dynamic intersection of geometric shapes, the structure of The Link finds a balance between delicacy and solidity. ‘The contrast between the transparency of the chain and the seemingly solid volumes interested me as an idea,’ explains Hoets.  

A dramatic geometric luxury chandelier resembling giant abstracted links, Hoets has used two different tones of chain to enhance the sense of three dimensionality. Customisable in that additional links can be added to the chain to create a longer version of the design, the piece can be made even more impactful for double- or triple-volume spaces.

A comon thread in Adam’s designs – the fine line between simplicity and intricacy – is present here again in this piece. ‘It’s definitely a universal theme in my work: where a flat shape in two dimensions is transformed in three dimenions into something quite magical,’ he comments.

Despite being composed of nothing other than rectangles at perpindicular angles to one another, the interplay of forms gives The Link the appearance of complexity and a stiking presence unlike anything willowlamp has created to date.