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Looking for the light

Our thoughts are with South Africa and the rest of the world during this incredibly challenging and vulnerable time. We’d like to express our concern and wishes for everyone’s wellbeing and we’re trying to remain as positive as we can.

As the safety of our nation is our top priority, South Africa is currently in nationwide lockdown until 16 April 2020. Accordingly, our production operations have ceased, but our sales and admin staff members are currently working remotely. As a consequence, we will temporarily need to add an additional fortnight to our regular turn-around time on orders, with our thanks in advance for your patience.

We’ll see you on the other side!

Coming full circle

We remain hopeful that the pandemic will pass and that we can return to trade and contribute to rebuilding our economy. To this end, we would like to introduce one of our latest lighting designs.

willowlamp radial design new collection 768x523 1
willowlamp Radial

Glowing magnificently thanks to 56 LEDs, the new Radial chandelier is indeed radiant. This ring-shaped piece is an extension of the Lineal range and in the spirit of evolution, Creative Director and founder Adam Hoets says that ‘the Radial refers to the eternal, cyclic ring of life,’ – a comforting reminder that life shall endure.

willowlampRadial 1200 Mixed 4 1024x683 1
willowlamp Radial

Wonder Wall

Branching out from our signature range of pendants, willowlamp is excited to introduce a new collection of wall-mounted designs. We’re pleased to share the first four pieces, which include a chandelier and three stand-alone wall sconce designs:

StreamWave 1200x400 Mixed 6 1024x731 1
willowlamp Streamwave

The Streamwave evokes feelings of movement and changes from every angle. 

Half Pipe Wall Sconce Brass 3 1 scaled 600x900 1
willowlamp Half-pipe

At first glance, the elegant Half-pipe appears simple, however, its fluidity lies in the precision with which every piece of chain is cut.

Quarter Pipe 170 Wall Sconce G9 Brass 2 scaled 600x900 1
willowlamp Quarterpipe

The petite Quarterpipe is a small and curvaceous piece that creates the illusion of a solid form.

LangArm 170 Wall Sconce Red 5 scaled 600x900 1
willowlamp Langarm

The dramatic Langarm is reminiscent of a suspension bridge and its architectural form is enhanced by the use of red chain.

The flexibility of these wall-mounted sconces allows for homeowners to have even greater freedom while planning their interior schemes. We acknowledge evolution and transformation as the inspiration behind most of our designs and hold on to this as we remain optimistic for what is to come.

Wishing you all health, safety and hope during this time.