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Local Designer willowlamp at Southern Guild

February was an exciting month that saw local designer willowlamp’s first big piece for 2018 showcased at the Southern Guild’s 10th-anniversary exhibition by South African Designers, ‘Extra Ordinary’. Featuring various local designers, ‘Extra Ordinary’ gave exhibitors the chance to break with convention and use new styles, techniques, materials and disciplines. Willowlamp’s creative director, Adam Hoets, seized the chance to develop a bold new take on the chandelier titled Southern Flame. ‘Extra Ordinary’ runs from 14 February-16 April 2018 at the Southern Guild art gallery in Cape Town.

Local designer lighting

The idea for Southern Flame came from an attempt to develop an imaginative lamp that turns conventional notions of the chandelier upside-down. Adam’s love for design helped him broaden his artistic approach in Southern Flame. Inspired by the deconstructed geometry of the Mandala Chandelier, his design is both complex and stands taller than three meters, stretching from floor to ceiling. His materials include brass, copper and smoke chains. The final impression is reminiscent of a flame flowing upwards against the wall.

We’d like to thank Southern Guild for inviting us to participate in ‘Extra Ordinary’, which we hope stimulates a new wave of artistic innovation in South Africa among local designers, as well as furthering willowlamp’s prospects and those of our peers in the industry.

Local designer Adam Hoets' Southern Flame chandelier at Southern Guild's 'Extra Ordinary' exhibition