Lighting design is an integral function of any home whether for utilitarian or decorative purposes, there is no doubt that every home and or business needs lighting. However, in the hospitality industry, restaurants and hotels constantly strive to differentiate themselves from competitors through aesthetics, so it helps to be cognisant of the trends that are influencing lighting designs in the hospitality industry.

 1. Custom Lighting Design

In a highly competitive industry like the hotel business, one-of-a-kind lighting pieces are important when wanting to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Each willowlamp is available in different finishes and can be custom-made to suit your style and space. Click here to view the different finishes.

2. LED

Today’s LED lights not only emit good quality lights but they are also energy efficient which is an attraction for hoteliers seeing as it saves them from paying unnecessarily exorbitant electricity bills. Our lights can also be made using LED bulbs.

3. Incorporating lighting into design

Lighting designers prefer for lighting to be considered early on in a project and integrated into architecture and interior design as this creates more of a remarkable and complimentary look. The Crown Towers chandeliers inspired by the sacred geometric patterns of the Mandala No.1 is an example of one of our most challenging, but also gratifying projects because the lighting was considered much earlier on and was designed to fit the space in the hotel instead of the other way round. This action resulted in one of the most breath-taking lighting designs willowlamp has ever made.

4. Colour trends

Coloured lighting is not for everyone, while some appreciate it, others may find it tacky. Notwithstanding, it is a current trend in 2017. For instance, according to the colour forecast, greenery is the colour of the year. To keep with this trend, hotels can customise their lights to match this colour theme. While this may be an expensive habit to partake in every year, it is most definitely attention-grabbing.

5. Metallics in lighting

This trend has been around for some time and is here to stay. Metallic copper evokes a warm glow and is perfect hanging above the foyer of any hotel or for creating a relaxing and romantic ambiance at a restaurant.