Award-winning lighting design company willowlamp prides itself on a substantial collection of breathtaking and diverse artistic light fixtures. One of its most notable creations is Geometric Storm, an elegant modern chandelier that was launched at the first ever 100% Design South Africa event in 2014, where it won the award for Best Lighting Design.

Architect and founder of willowlamp, Adam Hoets, got his inspiration for Geometric Storm from the early 21st-century Cubist works of artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. He describes the fixture’s design as “awkward yet balanced”, and that it “seems to evoke a kind of highly geometricized landscape from an alternate abstract cubist reality.”

This modern chandelier consists of five distinct quadrilateral tiers, each of which moves independently of the others. The edges and corners of each tier are at an angle to those of the preceding one, an aspect that, along with the fixture’s mobile quality, gives it the appearance of a series of constantly shifting planes.

Such a design is immediately reminiscent of Cubism, which works to depict a subject from a variety of angles rather than just one. When lit (using LED strip lighting and G4 Halogen lamps), Geometric Storm casts fascinating shadows thanks to this geometrically inspired yet refreshingly asymmetrical construction. It marks a departure from willowlamp’s usual design direction, in that it is not as strictly or ‘sacredly’ geometrical, or fluidly organic, as the company’s previous successes.

But the novelty doesn’t end with Geometric Storm’s racy new form. While many of willowlamp’s larger modern chandeliers are designed to enhance expansive open areas, Geometric Storm provides similarly impressive substance, but can be installed in smaller spaces too, thanks to its compact square shape.

Geometric Storm measures 1200mm in length, 900mm in width, and 2200mm in height. It is made from 800 metres of both smoke-coloured and silver-coloured chain. This colour scheme gives off an effect of shadow and light – a gorgeous interplay for a sophisticated interior.

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