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Retrospective Designer Lighting Exhibition

Flash back

At the end of June willowlamp will be holding its first ever retrospective designer lighting exhibition spanning the company’s production evolution from inception to present day and featuring the compendium of designs created over the last decade and a half of the company’s existence. Creative Director Adam Hoets decided to capitalise on the rare occasion that a large selection of his pieces would be in one location, to celebrate the breadth and variety of design over the years. Importantly, the exhibition will also double as a sample sale – with members of the industry and public invited not only to attend and view the selection, but also to purchase the pieces at a significantly reduced rate.

‘The samples from our various shows in Milan and Dubai are all back and the warehouse is full. So we’d like to be able to offer our friends and colleagues an opportunity to take home something special, while making space for new projects,’ says Hoets.

Join us at this designer lighting exhibition on Wednesday 3 July at 18h00 (please RSVP) for celebratory snacks and bubbly sponsored by Krone.

Or alternatively, pop by during our open days on Thursday 4th, Friday 5th & Saturday 6th July from 10h00 till 14h30.

Address: willowlamp factory, 6 Spencer Square, Salt River, Cape Town

RSVP to clientservice@abc6594.sg-host.com

Willowlamp designer lighting exhibition

Flower power

willowlamp thrives on the opportunity to produce one-of-a-kind art pieces for its clients – designs that automatically acquire collector’s status. It’s a project in this vein that we’d like to share with you – an exciting new custom design created for a client in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This staggering chandelier is one of the largest we’ve done to date and the biggest Fuschia we’ve ever made. The beautiful statement piece was painstakingly put together by hand by the stellar team at our Cape Town factory. It features a mesmerizing ombre colour gradient, a detail that is shown to best effect when the piece is lit up.

Destined for a new contemporary events venue in the DRC, the four-metre metallic showstopper will command the room and act as a striking focal point for the special and memorable moments that are set to happen there.