It’s the first month of the autumn season and already we’re beginning to see the first signs of  the new season with chilly , dark mornings and evenings, and the drying of the leaves. There is no better time than now to start thinking of exciting new ways to change up your space and light up your home. Whether you’re into pendants, chandeliers or lamps, we have just the thing to brighten up your space. See more of our collection here.

Highlights from Design Indaba

Design Indaba

Design Indaba is an annual conference that took place this year from 1 to 3 March. The event features the best of global creativity all on one stage and is simulcast to cities in South Africa and a few others around the world.  This year, we attended the Simulcast show for the entirety of the conference and were blown away by many of the speakers, however, these 7 stood out the most:

  1. Pauline Saglio about Digital Design:
  2. Marko Ahtisaari from The Synch Project:
  3. Chris Sheldrick from What3Words:
  4. Marina Willer regarding Red Trees:
  5. Kate Moross from Kate Moross Studios:
  6. Joe Gebbia co-founder of Airbnb:
  7. Brian Collins about Brand Identity:

Even though it meant spending three days out of the office, it was time that was very well spent with such enriching and captivating topics. We can’t wait to see what next year’s show brings.

Feature of the month

The Geometric Storm, designed in 2014, is inspired by cubism abstract art and layered landscapes. It evokes a highly geometricized landscape from an alternate abstract cubist reality. This version is a limited edition of 10 pieces and has a mixture of smoke and silver chain to create an interplay of shadow and light. It is illuminated by LED and G4 Halogen/LED systems.

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