Award-winning lighting design company willowlamp prides itself on an abundance of creations that cross functional lighting with artistic innovation. Aside from our expansive catalogue of beautiful chandeliers, lamps and pendant lights, we also offer bespoke lighting. willowlamp is responsible for numerous custom-made chandeliers that hang in hotels, offices and residential properties around the world.

Bespoke lighting installation


Our custom light creations result from clients requesting either a completely new product or a large-scale version of one already on our catalogue. A notable example of the latter kind is the ‘Flower of Life’ chrome chandelier that hangs in The Mena House Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

This bespoke light fixture is a 400kg recreation of our award-winning, 1920s-inspired, 12kg standard chandelier. It was a perfect choice for the hotel, which is located in the midst of The Great Pyramids at Giza, since the concept of sacred geometry – as  incorporated into the chandelier’s design and represented by the ‘flower of life’ symbol – can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, and is inscribed on the inner walls of The Great Pyramids.


Bespoke lighting installation


Other examples of our bespoke lighting installations, upsized custom-made versions of our nature-inspired designs, include two chandeliers based on the ‘Fuschia’ – one in London’s Melia Hotel, the other in KZN’s Fairmont Hotel – and two based on ‘Protea’ – one in Morocco’s Four Seasons Hotel, the other in Chicago’s Ritz Carlton Hotel.


Bespoke lighting in the hospitality industry


Then there are our once-off, bespoke creations. In December 2016, we successfully installed what is perhaps our most ambitious project to date: a set of four 3-tonne chandeliers, each in the form of three-tiered clusters. These bespoke chandeliers are located in the Crown Towers Hotel in Perth. They draw some of their inspiration from our previous standard creation, Mandala No. 1, thanks to the fixtures’ incorporation of sacred Islamic geometry. The new tiered form of the clusters, however, is reminiscent of the archways in the Taj Mahal, thus giving the Crown Towers chandeliers a softer look.


Bespoke chandeliers


Other once-off creations include a 2-tier circular chandelier with a disco ball in the centre, located at Abu Dhabi’s Shangri-La Hotel, and a long curtain-styled copper chandelier in the Liwa Suites, also in Abu Dhabi.

Around the world, and in many different forms, willowlamp is brightening and vivifying both commercial and private spaces with its startling sculptural light fixtures. Will your living room, hotel lobby or conference venue be our next stop? Make an enquiry via our website, and we’ll set you on the right path. Or, rather, the light path.