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A Monumental Chandelier Lights Up Luxury Hotel

An exquisite example of technical triumph and creative innovation, one of willowlamp’s bespoke chandeliers lights up the upscale JW Marriott in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States, creating a design statement piece of note. This custom chandelier light design is monumental; having required an impressive 26 cubic meters of hanging space and weighing in over a ton.

This upscale hotel is described as an urban luxury retreat and oozes exclusivity with many striking interior design features including a show-stopping, one-of-a-kind, and highly sculptural willowlamp chandelier adorning the welcome lobby and showing off proudly through the glass façade of the hotel entrance for all to see.

Though it now hangs magnificently over a curving staircase in the hotel’s lobby area, it originated on the other side of the Atlantic! This piece journeyed all the way from Cape Town, where it was created by South African-based lighting design brand, willowlamp, to take its place as the talking point of this leading hotel.

Adam Hoets is the Founder and Creative Director of willowlamp. Inspired by nature’s sculptural forms, each design results in illuminated artworks that combine organic aesthetics and technical detail in a wide variety of collections. 

Picture 2


This chandelier takes different shapes and forms from a multitude of perspectives and from one angle, appearing as a dripping stalactite from the ceiling, delighting and surprising the senses, much the same as a majestic form of nature can inspire awe.

The design was extracted from Adam Hoets’ mandala-inspired collections, featuring cascading and geometrically extruded shapes in multiple metallic coloured ball chain curtaining, hanging dimensionally from steel frames.

Marriott Mandala 03 2

This piece is four and a half meters long, two and a half meters wide, and five meters in length and was created sans electrics. The lights are attached separately to the ceiling in line with the lighting shade design, ensuring a far simpler solution in terms of technicalities, ratings, and notably, cost, by eliminating the need to provide an onboard electrical system.

From the most breath-taking statement chandeliers and pendants to unique wall sconces and more archetypal floor and table lamps that are perfectly subtle in their simplicity, willowlamp has a piece for every space, and design need and spend. 

Each piece in a collection can be tailored and customised perfectly for its environment, using a unique notch system that allows curtains of ball-chain to flow elegantly from laser-cut steel frames in an assortment of sizes, die-cut designs, and assembly design types, as well as multiple metal finish options and curtain edging styles. Learn more about willowlamp and the opportunities to customise and tailor lighting designs here.

The brand’s award-winning, cutting-edge designs bring lustre and light to large and small spaces all over the world.

Specialising in bespoke pieces, willowlamp’s are built with world-class lighting technology, craftsmanship, and superior materials to create timeless yet functional works of art. Learn more about our custom projects here.